More than Medicare

Additional Health Insurance Options

Medicare is a great resource, but it doesn't cover everything or everyone. Often, we are asked about additional options for specific coverage and for individuals under 65. Here are some of the most popular options.

Additional Coverage Options

  • Hospital Indemnity plans to help offset out of pocket expenses when you are confined to a hospital.
  • Major Illness, Cancer, and Accident Plans (including coverage for falls).
  • Under 65 Individual and Group Medical Plans
  • Final Expense guaranteed issue life insurance.
  • Will preparation, as well as Doctor Directive and Durable Power of Attorney

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Group Medical Plans

Assisting HR Departments with Health Insurance Options

Choosing group medical health insurance plans can be a challenge. At Patriot Health Plans, we specialize in working with HR professionals to make confident, informed decisions about the group medical plans for their employees.

Partner with us to take care of your most valuable asset: your people. We'll handle all the communication, marketing materials, and enrollment.

Under 65 Individual Plans

While we specialize in Medicare for individuals and groups, we also provide a depth of knowledge and understanding of the health insurance options available to those under 65.

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